Work: FFT Print Campaign

FFT Print Campaign

FFT is a powerhouse multitiered IT company ahead of its time. Promoting what they do requires understanding the many facets of their business and the services they provide. In order to fully understand their business as well as the spirit and drive of this enegetic enterprise, we went on a guided exploration of their practices and core beliefs through a series of interviews with FFT’s founding members.


Asking the right questions and listening to the answers we received enabled us to convey what Fully Functional Technology does as well as why they do it. Their why is truly compelling. It supercharges everything they do. A plethora of IT businesses can call themselves multi-service but few have the passion these internet technology professionals have. Seriously fanatical about finding IT solutions to make businesses better, this is one driven team. Businesses looking for holistic IT solutions want to hire people who are in it for more than a paycheck. They want to hire the people who do it for the joy of it. There is trememdous value in that, so we wanted to make sure that would come through loud and clear.


We used vivid imagery was along with dynamic language to explain what FFT does in a forthright manner, without talking down to the reader or befuddling them with heaps of industry jargon. We evoked passion, commitment, and excellence through the words we used and throughout it all, we underscored value. The resulting four page campaign shows what FFT is about and energizes the reader into taking action.


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