Urban Farm Agency will partner with you to create a marketing strategy that works for your brand and stays within your budget. In order to develop the right marketing strategy for your company, we first learn about your product, service, or business. We want to know what you do and how you do it. We also want to know, what’s the prevailing culture or ethos? What are your company values? We then look at who’s in your target market and set our sights on reaching that market in the most impactful way.

Does your business or product change some staid age old practice or belief? Does it challenge assumptions? If so, then it’s likely that there are people out there who will align with your brand on a deeper ideological basis. Instead of doing one-way marketing with traditional advertising, why not engage these people directly via social media? Giving people the opportunity to interact with your brand or its message on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms can turn passive consumers into brand ambassadors who will move the message about your brand!

Does your company specialize in the manufacturing of a luxury item or provide a luxury service? If so, then we set our sights on building brand equity. In order to do this, we learn all about your target market’s demographics and various niches within that market. We find out how they interact with various media and what they value most in the products they use. We then craft a marketing campaign that makes the most of solid, spot-on branding to capture the imagination of your target consumer, to reach them on an aesthetic or emotional level. Captivating imagery and language that evokes sumptuousness, exclusivity, bold independence, or certain ideals can make your product the one people instinctively want and will go out of their way to get.

Perhaps your product or service solves a specific problem for other businesses but up until now, you have had a hard time connecting with the companies that would benefit the most from what you have to offer. Not getting through to the people you want to work with while expending time, money, and other resources can be frustrating and costly. Other advertising agencies often fall short of connecting their clients to those in their target markets because they lack the awareness, insight, and commitment it takes to accurately assess what’s really going on. In our experience, the problem of not connecting within the B2B structure is often a problem that arises from certain assumptions, practices, and the words specialists within certain fields use in order to talk about what they do. Our team will look at your business, the terminology you use within your sphere, and the way you assess value in your product. We then survey the kinds of businesses you want to work with and assess where there are real opportunities to forge connections through effective marketing strategies that speak to them in language and terms they will value, understand, and be motivated to take action on.

At Urban Farm Agency we know every client and their business is unique. For this reason we do not offer nor ascribe to a one-size-fits all approach to marketing your brand. Solid strategy, i.e. solid thinking and solid problem solving are at the foundation of effective marketing. Devising a clear plan that positions your business for success is where we lay the framework. From there, we put all the various gears into motion, to make an impact on the people you want to do business with and get your brand out to the world.

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