With Urban Farm as your social media marketing agency, you get a collective of digitally-minded creative pragmatists who will immerse themselves in your mission and work to connect your brand with the people you want to reach in a meaningful way.

Social media is a tool to build connections that matter, not an add-on or afterthought. As such, it’s vital that your brand is able to connect with your existing and target consumers in a way they value. The quality of the interaction should be audience-appropriate, on-tone, and correctly showcase your brand’s unique identity. In order to do this, we get in deep and learn what makes your product or service unique. We then work to craft and perfect the voice of your brand prior to unleashing it to the world.

We can handle your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a number of other popular social media platforms in a way that cuts through the noise and enables your business to connect with the people you want to do business with. We do B2C as well as B2B social media and can help position your business within the right spheres for greater brand, name, and product recognition.

As your social media managers, we will look at all of your existing social media channels and analyze every critical touch-point between your brand and prospective consumers to see how they interface with your product or service. We drill down to get a real time analysis of their expectations, wants, and desires. From there, we assess opportunities to not only meet their expectations but to surpass them.

Connecting with your target base in a way that matters enables your brand to build the trust and loyalty that is at the bedrock of your brand’s future success. Superior brands are plugged into their consumer. Effective social media management makes real-time, authentic communication possible. By communicating and, especially, by listening to those who are talking about your business via social media, the valuable insights garnered in real-time can help reveal opportunities for growth and be an important factor in making decisions and refining the strategic direction for your brand.

No person is an island. People are interconnected with one another in a multitude of ways. Building bridges and bonds with and amongst the people who interact with your brand can be a vital ingredient in your businesses’ success. From lifestyles, to careers, identities, visions, goals, values, aesthetic tastes and more, we all interact in a number of different social and ideological spheres. As social media managers who are savvy about the real power of effective communication, we work to craft and drive, share-worthy, clickable content within these networks to reach the people you want to reach, making it possible to grow your online presence exponentially.

We believe successful outreach does not have to be expensive. Urban Farm Agency is unique in our commitment to finding cost-effective, cohesive solutions that work for your specific business and market. From large-scale enterprises to niche market products, our social media marketing agency will customize a plan that works for you. In many cases, businesses already have numerous assets and opportunities for capturing great content. We’re experts at locating these opportunities and making them work for you in an affordable, sustainable fashion.

We understand you’re probably going to want to do a fair bit of shopping around when it comes to finding a social media marketing agency you feel will meet your needs. As you explore your options we have two bits of advice to share with you. First, avoid those one-size-fits-all and cookie-cutter solutions. While many of the packages out there may sound attractive, the truth is that generalized approaches merely skim the surface. Every single social media program must be unique in order to be truly effective. Secondly, see how interested those prospective social media managers you talk to are in your business. Can you get them on the phone? How many questions do they ask about your business beyond merely talking figures and selling you on their services? Do they listen? Are they interested in knowing more about how you connect to your consumer? Do they want to get a feel for your market and your approach to business?

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