What is your business about and what do you want your business to be about?
How is your business perceived and how do you want it to be perceived?
Are you the lone wolf in the industry?
Or, are you one of many who need to differentiate themselves from the competition?
Are you the industry innovator or the most reliable company in the market?
Are your products luxury, affordable, or extra durable?
What qualities do your best customers associate with your company?
What’s the one word that comes to mind when you think about what your business does?
What qualities do you want associated with your product?
What are your company’s goals for the future?

The answers to all of these questions, and more, serve as the foundation upon which our creative team of experts builds a holistic brand image that captures the essence of what your business is about and unleashes it to the world in a fresh, appealing way.

Great branding is about much more than stringing together a jazzy logo and a few words about your product or service. Great branding builds brand equity, it changes the way people respond to your brand, it creates associations that get in deep and percolate on an emotional and aesthetic level. The result of thoughtful, well-executed branding is this: your business, your product or service, is the first one to spring to mind the next time someone is in the market. Your product will be the one they instinctively want, the one that has the most appeal, the one they’ll go out of their way to get.

At Urban Farm Agency, we take a strategic, holistic approach to creating brands that stand out from the safe and ordinary. We are a hyper-diligent team of creative artists, advertising writers, ideators, graphics designers, website developers and project managers who seriously get their kicks creating and elevating brands and helping business reach their potential. Science, data, dreams, wishes, hungers, desires, all of these things (and more) play a fundamental role in the creation of your brand identity. We work with you to learn more about your company’s goals, values, and unique characteristics. We work with the hard data right along all those intangibles which are part of the magic that goes into a truly extraordinary brand. Tell us what you want. Tell us what you feel and what you dream about. We want to know all of it! From there, we research, ideate and collaborate to craft an image that captures the essence of what your business is about and communicates it to the world in a fresh, appealing way.

Many advertising agencies stop after they’ve done the design work, built you a website, and written your advertising copy. We go the extra mile to ensure your brand image agrees with your business practices. We look for areas where consumers interface with your brand, from social media, to phone calls and at every critical juncture to see to it that your company culture, practices and brand image are in sync. We are invested in seeing that the image your company portrays via web, social media, and even in-person, adequately reflects the best of what your brand and business is about. After all, a successful brand goes well beyond image and into real-world practice.

Let our branding and design agency of driven, talented and somewhat wacky creative pragmatists show you what we can do. Let’s set you up to thrive.

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