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We work under the mindset
that when you win, we win too.
How We Approach Projects
Collaboration is the bedrock of our approach. That being said, we’re not completely free-form in how we do it.

For us, it’s more beneficial to start with a fact-finding mission. First we talk to the client and learn just as much as we can about their endeavor. During this process, we’re excavating to uncover hidden treasures, aspects or assets that often go unnoticed by the client and those closest to the work.

Our outsider status gives us great vision, enabling us to see what others could easily miss or gloss over. After we’ve learned a great deal and gathered a few key perspectives, we meet up collectively and hone-in on the perceived challenges or complexities before us. We look at the market, the cultural landscape, and the competition, all the while knowing that innovation doesn’t come from doing what’s been done. We then start asking questions in a number of ways, allowing us to define what we’re going after with precision. From there, we brainstorm, ideate, and work in multiple modalities to find the extraordinary.

Our Services
From strategy and branding to website and app development, we offer everything your company needs to succeed in the marketplace.
Branding & Design

We harness our creative power and inside secrets to catch your audience’s eye and bring your brand to the world. Our experienced team does everything from branding copy to logo ideation, web design, advertising, and printing.

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We can handle all of your social media or serve as trusted ambassadors to help you chart your course. Our original content gets people engaged and cuts through the noise. We build your voice, reach your market, and foster communication to build brand trust and loyalty.

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Elevate to the next level with digital video. With our detailed planning, script writing, and video production services, we make the most of this powerful visual medium with stunning videos that are integrated within your overall brand strategy to add dimension and promote growth.

Digital Advertising

Get found online! Because every client’s needs are unique, we first research the market and then assemble a customized SEO and SEM strategy that gets your business found in search engines and brings people to your website.

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Creative Experiences

Urban Farm specializes in creating interactive experiences for our clients and their customers. Want to create a presence on the ground? Want something unique people will really remember? From pop-ups, to fundraisers, to parties with thousands of your closest friends, we do all of it.

Web Design & Development

As experts in web development we build integrated web solutions that provide great user and team experience and empower growth, productivity, and greater integration.

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App Development

We specialize in providing both startups and well-established companies with elegant mobile apps, based on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) because we understand adept design is crucial to a digital product’s success. We create flagship digital products, backed by peer-reviewed, highly-tested and easy-to-maintain code.

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Strategy & Consulting

Urban Farm will partner with you to create a marketing strategy and guide you throughout the process, every step of the way. We don’t do anything until we talk and develop a plan that will work the best for your budget and needs. We partner with you in your success. Devising a clear plan for our clients is the foundation we build upon.

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Meet our Team of Creatives
The Urban Farm Agency is built with a passionate team, geared towards driving you results.

Gabe Estrada Founder/Partner

Neha Shah Partner/Strategy & Consulting

Liya Swift Writer/SEO

Laura Hoepker Designer

Michael Dinerstein Web Developer

Gabe Ferreira Web Developer

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