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The Urban Farm Agency has now served the digital marketing needs of California companies for two years, with 21 years experience in the field. As we grow and evolve, there are occasionally changes that must be made in order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. This just happens to be a big one.

We’d like to announce that we have officially rebranded to itBrand – changing things up and rekindling the spark in our agency in order to better represent our new strategic partnerships and growth.

“We are very excited to announce this great growth opportunity for us and our partners. We constantly strive to make sure our clients our leaders in their industry and we need to stay a leader in ours.”Gabe

The name change is just one example of our evolution as a company. Last year, we worked on some highly successful projects in the fields of technology, beauty and health. We also attended Launch Festival, the largest startup event in San Francisco. And we published some heartfelt content that we hope was useful to you along your own marketing journey.

We think our work and satisfied clients speak for themselves.

“You guys are amazing thank you so much Gabe and Laura…I really appreciate Gabe that you have kept on top of this and that you and your team have turned on a dime every time we’ve needed you to up to and including this morning getting this to us at the last minute. Much appreciated guys.”FFT

Our overall focus remains the same: We will continue to strive for collaboration above all else, while helping our client brands grow and achieve their goals, experiencing the success they’ve always dreamed of in the form of measured marketing results.

Expect even more electrifying creative campaigns, encompassing branding, design, social marketing, digital ads, website and mobile app development, general strategy and consulting.

Remember that whenever you win, we win too. Collaboration and mutually supportive relationships with our clients are always top priorities in our business. It’s one reason why we have stayed relevant and modern in our approach to serving diverse client types. For everyone out there reading who has recommended us to a friend or colleague – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A brand-new website for itBrand is also coming very soon. Make sure to throw a bookmark on so you don’t miss a thing from us.

We absolutely cannot wait to collaborate with you and continue blazing new trails in digital marketing.

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