Urban Farm Goes To Launch Festival 2016

We’re downright amped anytime we’re connecting with visionary entrepreneurs and startups that are on the cutting edge of technology, creating the products and services that will build the future and improve our world. It’s what we live and breathe. So, naturally Launch Festival 2016 was a must. Founded by Jason Calacanis in 2011, Launch is now the world’s largest startup event, a veritable must for oh so many tech-heads, angel investors and downright amazing people. Representing Urban Farm Agency was none other than our founder Gabe Estrada and Designer/Coder/Media Producer Dan Lundmark. Jeff Algera, founder of digital product development company Principal.la also joined in to reconnect with a few friends and make a few more.

Among the presenters was One Drop a startup that first presented at Launch in 2015. One Drop is an integrated hardware/software diabetes management platform that enables persons with diabetes to manage their health by logging their food, insulin, medication, and activity all in one place. It then makes it possible to track this vital information and share it with the people who need to know (loved ones, doctors). Through it’s use, persons with diabetes can accurately monitor their conditions while also being empowered to make appropriate health choices. 500 million people worldwide have diabetes. With One Drop’s technology, management and reduction of advanced stage diabetes is now within reach. Betagig, winner of this year’s Best Hackathon was super impressive. Their online app is designed to make it possible for college students who are considering various career paths to beta-test various jobs by clicking on a number of different career options, signing up, paying a fee, then going to the place of business to “job shadow” a professional in that role for a select number of days. This will enable students to get a genuine, real-world view of what their potential careers might actually be like, prior to going in for the long-haul in Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, or Bio Med. We agree with creator Nicki Klein and believe job shadowing will be the norm in coming years.

Another favorite of ours was KiraKira. Founded by jewelry designer Suz Somersall and creative director Malena Southworth, KiraKira is on a mission to get more girls into the creative process of design and engineering, fields that are growing at a very rapid pace and which need the valuable contributions of women in the field. With KiraKira, girls can sign up and complete tutorials that teach them how to make stunning, wearable contemporary pieces of jewelry, all through utilizing the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and 3D modeling software. Lessons are inspiring, interactive, and gratifying. Suz and Malena believe more girls will discover an interest in engineering, science, or technology with positive exposure that reaches them in a more creative, tactile manner and appeals to their sense of aestheticism. We’ve long-since recognized the fact that the world needs more women in science, design, and engineering. We’re downright jazzed KiraKira is making learning so fun and beautiful and yeah, we’re pretty in love with 3D printing too but who isn’t?

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