Is it Time to Rebrand Your Business?

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Wondering whether it’s time to rebrand your business? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you’re due for a rebrand.

Is My Business Connection-Oriented?
If your business is not organized around maintaining communication with your customers and even flexing to meet their needs, it’s likely you’re due for a rebrand. Today’s consumer greatly values honest, direct communication, flexibility, and responsiveness. Your brand should have systems in place to make communicating with both existing and potential customers easy and reliable.

Social media is one of the most popular ways brands maintain connection with their base. That said, gone are the days when a business can get by with a few auto-responders and tweets that sound like they’ve been written by a robot. Plan on maintaining an active presence on every social media platform your company utilizes. And remember, it’s better to have an active and responsive presence on just two platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, than having a presence on a myriad of social media platforms but minimal posts and slagging response time. Sharing images, videos and testimonials that are on-point and demonstrate the value of what your company does or provides, is a direct way to build relationships and a solid reputation over time.

Does My Business Use Hard-Sell Marketing?
If your business’s website is chock-full of heavy-handed marketing words or pop-ups saying things like “Act now” or “Don’t miss this opportunity” I’m sorry to have to break it to you but you need a rebrand—now. Today’s client or consumer doesn’t want to be told what to do. In fact, millennials and X and Y generations often resent heavy-handed sales tactics. That said, clear, concise language and information that answers people’s questions about your product or service is always of value and never goes out of style.

Is My Website Out-of-Date?
Is your website as easily viewed and shopped (if appropriate) on mobile phones as tablets and laptops? If the answer is no, it’s time for a new site and probably a rebrand too.

Is your website full of stock images, perhaps stiff, corporate looking graphics found on a number of other sites, perhaps even those of your competitors? If you want to differentiate your brand, nothing says it more than breaking away from the lock-step mentality of the pack and creating a look that’s fresh and unique.

Is My Business in Fashion, Music, Media, Tech or Eco-Conscious?
If you’re at the helm of any of these kinds of businesses, the burden is on you to show people what’s happening now and indicate what’s coming next. In other words, your business is looked at as an indicator of the culture of the times. As such, changes happen at a much faster pace for you and your brand should reflect these changes while also retaining a sense of brand integrity and continuity.

Am I Avoiding a Rebrand?
Many business owners and managers drag their feet when it comes to doing a full rebrand because they’re anxious about having to make so many changes that will impact the bottom line. Doing nothing is never the answer. Instead, talk to a few trusted friends and professionals who can look at your website, logo, marketing materials, signage and other elements of the brand. Ask them for their gut impressions on whether a rebrand is necessary or not. While they may not have the expertise to tell you exactly what you need, their instinctive response should help you decide if it’s time to bring your brand into the now.

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