Lost the Spark with your Business? Here’s How to Rekindle it

Rekindle the Spark with your Business Again
When we’re busy managing the day to day realities of running our businesses, things can get routine and just a tad mundane. Don’t fall into the trap of “business as usual.” Whether your business is soaring high with record profits or recovering along with the economy, it’s important to perpetually ignite that old spark. Doing so will keep you inspired, active, and relevant in your industry.

Remember Why You Do What You Do
Success and fulfillment are not mutually exclusive terms. What was the spark that got your engine running when you first founded your business? Had you located a need, explored a curiosity, or found a talent within yourself that could benefit others? Revisit that time in your story. Remember those late nights spent brainstorming or putting together that first proposal or website to share your vision with the world? What was the big picture goal you were going after then? How did it feel when you made those first partnerships, landed that first client?

Firstly, pat yourself on the back for having come so far. Secondly, ask yourself if there’s something you can do to awaken that sense of wonder. How do the projects you’re working on now answer to not only your plans to succeed but also enable you to achieve a sense of fulfillment?

Inject Fun into Your Work Day
Add one fun, out-of-the box activity to your workday. How about brainstorming powerwalks with a fellow business owner or manager? Or creating (tasteful) jokes about the competitor to share with staff? You can build camaraderie by coming up with a fun workplace playlist in which every employee picks a song.

Oversee Trading Places-type meetings in which different departments meet, like Tech and Creative, and reverse roles. Tech can present creative ideas and Creative can present ideas for technology. Surprisingly, these fun meetings can unearth some really great ideas and shine a light on information gaps and cracks in system or work flow.

Say Thank You
Take time to see who’s doing well and acknowledge the work they’re doing with a sincere Thank You and a handshake. Say thanks to that loyal customer or client. Say thanks to the people in your support group and to yourself for having the fortitude and determination to show up and make it happen every day. By saying thank you, and meaning it, you can connect with the gratitude you feel for all the good things that are happening even when challenges present themselves.

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